QUICKFOOD Argentina follows rigorous procedures for the commercialization of animal products in the National and International Markets. 


  • Comply with national and international legislation and standards, customer demands, and statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Constantly improve the processes, products and services involved in the production of Safe, Authentic, Legal and Quality products; and comply with environmental, health and safety, and social requirements encompassed in its Integrated Management System. 
  • Ensure workers’ Health and Safety through training and the prevention of accidents, injuries, and occupational diseases, in addition to the allocation of necessary resources to guarantee legal compliance.
  • Protect the environment through pollution and emissions mitigation, the conservation of natural resources, and the control and surveillance of illegal deforestation, as well as the compliance with the corresponding company goals and objectives.
  • Promote practices of Social Responsibility aligned with the guidelines described in the Social Responsibility Management System. 

This policy intends to meet and exceed the expectations of employees, suppliers, and customers by adhering to production processes that ensure quality, food safety and compliance with the existing requirements in place.